Black Spoon Games

Founded in 2016 by one person, today our company is actively developing and continues to grow. We make only high-quality and unique games, for this we are always looking for non-standard solutions and use the latest technology in development!

Cosmo Dash

Online PvP gravity racing!

Fly the spaceship and get to the portal first! You will have to cope with gravity, black holes, time anomalies and other dangers! Customize your ship, master in controls and improve your pilot skills. Fly as quickly and accurately as possible, and take first places in the world rankings with real players! When you become a master, you can choose one of three leagues with different physics and ship controls! More than 45 stages in 3 difficulty levels and thousands of players from all over the world are waiting for you!

Juicy Slice

The Ultimate slice challenge!

In this physics-based game, use a variety of knives, one handed and two handed daggers, axes and maces to cut the blocks into pieces. Carefully aim to hit the best spot, but don't let the blocks fall off your screen, and don't run out of weapons.

Just Smash It!

Break your way smashing objects with hits!

In this challange break your way smashing objects with hit, realistically destroying obstacles like glass with a pleasant crunch! More than 40 specially prepared levels on your way, relaxing atmosphere and pleasend visual and sound design will make this adventure unforgettable!

Space Grid Arena

Massive competitive multiplayer PvP online space game!

Play with friends in your spare time! Pilot an spaceship and lead it to victory against other players in arena! Play various game modes with other players around the world! Use various weapons and bonuses, show your skill in high-dynamic storm gameplay!